Everything they taught you in physics class was a lie

Sidenote: This post was originally conceived by my much younger mind. It was intended to be satirical but I honestly don’t know what I was thinking then.

Physics was one of my favourite subjects back in Secondary (High) School days. If I remember correctly, we were taught that only heat is transferred, cold (or coldness if you would) only being the absence of heat.

In other words, a body or object only feels cold because it has lost heat; either to an object that conducts heat or to human contact. I perfectly understood that and I never argued.

But today, something got me rethinking this concept. I was hungry and I decided (being the lazy cook I am) that cooking beans pottage would be my best option. So I got out the beans container from the freezer and poured out a few cups into a bowl. I added some water to wash the beans and what do you know; the water turned cold instantly!

Now how does one explain that? I know, I know, I can already hear some of the brighter minds reading this thinking “duh, the water lost heat to the beans which is why it felt cold”. Clap for yourself! What if I told you the water I poured was already cold in its own right? What exactly qualifies as cold anyway?

I’m not a physicist but I wish I was –- I would develop some theory to debunk all these established “laws”. Would it really be out of place to say that coldness was actually transferred from the beans to the water? I can imagine that such a suggestion would raise a lot of objection in the science community.
Let me just ask: before Einstein discovered fission (or was it Marie Curie?), didn’t everyone believe that the atom was indivisible? And before Galileo proposed that the earth was indeed spherical, didnt everyone believe the earth was flat? Many laws have been broken and many more will be.

Unless you have a more convincing explanation to the above stated phenomenon, I hereby postulate that coldness can also be transferred and, by extension, that everything we were taught in physics class was a lie.

Who’s with me? Who’s against me? Choose wisely now, I might be the next Galileo :)

Hello world!

Hello world. A little over 6 years ago, I fell into the world of blogging. Fast forward to 2013, I got lazy and lost it — the blogging streak and my site. I can’t even renew the domain.

My first assignment is to revive the content I could salvage and republish them here. I don’t look forward to how horrible my writing may have been. Anyway, wish my luck.

And oh… it’s my birthday. Convenient right?